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The Smallest House in the UK can be found in Conwy, Wales. Thousands of visitors each year flock to see the tiny house which measures only 3 x 1.8 metres.

Britain’s smallest house has two floors – though you can no longer go up stairs due to structural instability. (You can still look upstairs via a step ladder).

The last occupant of the Smallest House was a local fisherman called Robert Jones. He was 6′ 3″ tall and understandably struggled to live in the house. In 1900 he was forced to leave the house as the local council declared the house as unfit for human dwelling.  I believe the house is still owned by descendants of Mr Jones.

Visitors to the Smallest House in Great Britain are required to pay a small fee to enter (75p for adults and 50p for children). Once in the tiny house, (albeit a few at a time!) visitors can look around the two rooms. Audio recordings can be played which give a history of the house and it’s residents.

Outside the tiny house (during opening hours on most days) you will find a traditionally Welsh dressed attendant who will happily pose for photos with visitors.

You can find the smallest house in Great Britain at the Quay near Conwy Castle. It’s sign posted on most main routes.

The Smallest House in the UK Information

Opening Times

  • The Smallest House in Great Britain is open from 1st April to 31st October
  • Mon-Sat 10am and 5.30pm
  • Sunday 11am to 4pm


  • Adults 75p
  • Children 50p

Location & Contact Information

  • Smallest house in Great Britain
    The Quay
    LL32 8BB
  • Tel. 01492 593484


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  • maccer

    I’ve been here and it really is very small!! Worth a look if you’re heading to the castle too.

  • Jonny Blair

    This is just amazing – would LOVE to visit it!!