Blink and you'll miss the Phone Box Museum!

You may have driven past the Phone Box Museum without even realising it… Wales’ smallest museum – housed in an old red phone box.

The red Phone Box Museum (or “Telephone Kiosk Museum” as it’s also known) was bought by the Cilgerran Community Council for just £1 and handed it over to the village’s Language & Heritage Committee.

The Committee decided to turn the phone box in to a museum dedicated to the photography of an old local resident, “Tom Mathias”. Tom was a resident in the village and lived very close to the location of the phone box.

It was back in 2009 when BT launched an “adopt a kiosk” competition where local communities were invited to share their innovative uses of the famous red phone box. The Cilgerran Language & Heritage Committee put forward their idea to turn the phone box in to a tiny photo gallery dedicated to their local photographer, Tom Mathias. They won and were given £1000 to help build their phone box museum.

The phone box museum has been open since May 2011 and contains a collection of photos by Tom Mathias showing images of times gone by.

Phone Box Museum Location

  • Blink and you could miss it on your way! It’s located just outside the village of Cilgerran.
  • The closest post code we could find is SA43 2PD. If you enter that to your sat nav, you’ll need to drive a little further to the junction of Garnon’s Mill Road. It’s at the junction where you;ll find the Phone Box Museum.

Opening Times

  • The museum is technically open 24/7 as it’s just a phone box! However, we believe the photos may be taken down in the winter. This should be an attraction you visit if you’re near the area. You might want to give the committee an email for more information.

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