The Dog Collar Museum

The Dog Collar Museum in Leeds Castle, Kent is home to a unique collection of historic and fascinating dog collars and has been built up over the years. It is now the only one of its kind in Great Britain.

A collection of dog collars at the Dog Collar Museum in Leeds Castle, Kent

The dog collars were donated to the Leeds Castle Foundation by Mrs. Gertrude Hunt in memory of her husband.

There are over 100 collars which span over 5 centuries to see as well as other exhibits which the Foundation have added over time.

Examples of dog collars include some terrifying fearsome fetters for hunting hounds right through to the “bling” of the 21st Century dogs.

Dog Collar Museum Location & Prices

The dog collar museum is part of Leeds Castle in Kent. Admission is around £17 for an adult – but there is plenty more to do other than the dog collar museum. You can visit the Castle, go punting on the moat, visit the toddlers’ playground, see a falconry display and much more. See their website for more information.


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