Crooked House Pub

The Crooked House Pub (or simply, “The Crooked House” as it is now known) was first built in 1765 as a farmhouse, it later became a public house called the Siden House (Siden being Black Country dialect for crooked).

Its leaning effect is due to local mining in the 1800s when the building was badly affected by subsidence, meaning that one side of the building is now four feet lower than the other! It then became the Glynne Arms named after Sir Stephen Glynne, on whose land it stood before being condemned as unsafe in 1940s.

Thankfully this wonderful building was rescued by Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries when it was reinforced with supporting buttresses and girders.

Now known as The Crooked House it has become a tourist attraction and is visited by thirsty travelers from all over the world. The level floors combined with the leaning walls can create some very intriguing optical illusions where glasses can slowly slide across tables and you should ask to see the marble roll uphill.

Crooked House Pub Opening Times

Mondays:    4.00 pm   to 11.00 pm
Tuesday:    12.00 am  to 11.00 pm
Wednesday: 12.00 am  to 11.00 pm
Thursday:   12.00 am to  11.00 pm
Friday:      12.00 am to  11.00 pm
Saturday:   12.00 am to  11.00 pm
Sunday:     12.00 pm to  5.00pm


  • Crooked House Lane
    West Midlands DY3 4DA
  • 01384 238 583
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  • Peter Pattison

    I have been to the Crooked House Pub a couple of times. It really messes with your mind and challenges your perception of what is level!
    Well worth a visit.