British Tattoo Museum

The Tattoo Museum was founded by Lionel Ichner, a British tattooist who, in 1975, started collecting tattoo art objects that he had bought from an old shop in Oxford. He put these objects in a small display case in his tattoo shop.

Two important purchases followed and this was the catalyst for the creation of the Museum. One was a smal box with old tattoo machines and an old drawing signed by Charles Burchett Davis, father of the famous George Burchett, of 1904. He then bought an entire collection of drawings and photos by Burchett-Davis.

From then on his tattoo friends and tattoo enthusiasts started to send Lionel objects for his collection inluding, for example, a small Japanese bone, used to tattoo and an old Roman tool of the 4th century BC.

British Tattoo History Museum
389 Cowley Road

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