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Unusual Days Out

All the unusual days out we’ve found are listed on the map below. To view a brief introduction of the attraction, click the marker. You can then view the entire post. If you would like to narrow the results down by postcode, please use the search bar in the menu to the right. You can then pick the distance you’d like to search for.

You can also scroll down below the map to view recent offbeat attractions by location.

Unusual Days out by Location

We have listed all the attractions by their location across the site. Below are the last 5 in each location. To view all the attractions at a particular location, simply click on the location name. Alternatively you can search for days out by postcode using the top search bar.

Remember, if you know any weird or offbeat days out which we haven’t listed, you can suggest an unusual day out and we’ll review the attraction which could then be included on the site.

Do you have an offbeat attraction or day out in the UK that we’ve missed? Please tell us about it!